Thames Valley Forum released the report “Shaping the future transport network for the Thames Valley” in March 2021 setting out a vision for a green future transport network which supports the economy and all members of our society. It considers the future network from a national strategic perspective, regional viewpoint between our towns and travel within our towns.

The Transport report was formally launched at an event with a keynote talk from the Department for Transport and a panel session debating the key issues impacting the region’s future transport network.

Thank you to Stantec for their support in producing the report.

Thames Valley Transport

A key outcome of the report is the launch of ‘Thames Valley Transport’.

Thames Valley Transport will focus its initial work on bringing together groups of like-minded partners across private and public sector from around the Thames Valley to discuss best practice and practical solutions in a number of areas such as:

  • Electric Vehicle charging
  • Encouraging active travel (walking and cycling)
  • Better integrating between modes of transport
  • Innovative solutions such as Drones; Micromobility; Tunnels for hyperloop or Magway systems; Autonomous Vehicles; Uses of Apps and data

The first activities will take place in Autumn 2021.