The independent economy, environment and infrastructure body for the Thames Valley

Thames Valley Forum is passionate about the region having a successful future economy that is ‘Green, Inclusive and Vibrant’.

We exist to help to address thematic and cross boundary issues by joining up dots between local areas and ecosystems to support their growth and development in both policy and practical ways via a series of reports, events and activities.

We bring together businesses and stakeholders from across the region to address the biggest challenges facing the regional economy and suggest ways forward to achieve these aims.

We address medium-long term thematic issues by creating visions and strategic frameworks for action. We work with partners to achieve the aims and vision of the strategic framework by helping to facilitate practical action.

The work of Thames Valley Forum is always considered through a window of ‘Professional, Credible, Strategic, Place Based and Leading to Action’.

Thames Valley Forum is independent and impartial – this means we receive no Government funding and do not represent any particular interest group.

Thames Valley Forum is a not-for-profit organisation.

Company registration no. 12009156