New Thames Valley Economy Charter – draft published

I have just put the draft New Thames Valley Economy Charter live on this website.

The Charter has been inspired by both the work of Bristol One City and the New London Architecture’s ‘New London Charter’.

It sets down the key principles for the Thames Valley Economy as it takes shape after lockdown.

The time is absolutely right to set down how we wish to see our economy take shape again post-lockdown, and hopefully soon to be post-Covid. There have been thought piece after thought piece about how we should capture certain values and essences that have come through in recent months such as work/life balance, the environment or Black Lives Matter, and this New Thames Valley Economy Charter is an attempt to cement these and have them ultimately direct policy and action.

The draft Charter will be discussed with stakeholders and a cross section of the Thames Valley (beyond the current economic participants) to ensure it has the right values set out. Then it will inform all work of Thames Valley Forum as a overarching mission statement.

Please do provide any feedback as this Charter looks to be finalised before the close of 2020.

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