Launch of Green Paper on Thames Valley Future

I am pleased to share the Green Paper on Thames Valley Future.

I have also uploaded a video presentation where I flick through the report which may well be a useful starting point if you have 12 minutes spare. Due to the pressures on time I did not provide much background in the video, so here are a few pointers:

  • The report is designed to aide conversations about the key issues facing the region, particularly in light of Covid-19. It provides a framework for matching up the impact of the crisis with future growths to provide a way of describing support for different sectors and recommendations.
  • The region is taken in the broadest sense. Perhaps best to imagine a triangle emerging from the western side of the M25 and going along the M40 to Oxford, M4 to Swindon, M3 to Basingstoke, with a loop around those points. Thus covering Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Swindon, North Hants and North West Surrey.
  • The report mainly speaks in general terms rather than specific companies, institutions or areas. So please don’t complain if it doesn’t mention your particular patch – not many places get a specific shout out.
  • Thames Valley Forum is the independent body for the region. This is one of the key value adds of the body and this report as it includes honest assessments of the weaknesses as well as strengths.
  • It is labelled as a Green Paper – this means that the items contained are by no means final and are designed to stimulate discussion.
  • The Paper focuses on achieving a prosperous economic activity, but it should be treated and assumed that this is all within an environmental lens, in addition to the specific focus on Green Tech
  • You will find an assumption based on the impact of Covid-19. I then take this thinking to its logical conclusion which provides for some challenging findings. I am aware the world is not black and white, but at least this helps get us thinking.

I will discuss the findings in due course, but please do look at the report/video. I have a list of contacts to share this with, but if you get to see this before I have been in touch with you, then please do pop me a line to discuss the Green Paper and next steps.

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