In respect of the impact of Covid 19

Covid-19 is having a major impact on all people and every aspect off the economy all around the world. The running count of those that have lost their lives, lost loved ones, or at risk is going up every day.

In the economy there are companies not knowing if they can survive, employees not knowing if their job is safe (even with furloughing), countless self-employed and gig economy workers not knowing where their income is coming from. Bodies such as Local Authorities are having to increase services while seeing their income slashed and ultimately the Government having to cover as much as they can while ultimately needing to balance the books in the future and not topple over.

I mentioned in the previous post how this is part of the context for the need for a body like Thames Valley Forum and the first year project on Thames Valley Future as the local/UK/global economy resets. Also I am conscious that this crisis is impacting every business and individual and many partners will not have the ability to take their eyes off the here and now to discuss the issues that affected us before the crisis and those that are likely to dominate in the medium to longer term.

So while I am excited about shaping the future I am also sensitive about the current situation and in these early days for Thames Valley Forum that will mean building relationships and being targeted in which activities to undertake in terms of methods and subject matter. I hope you all stay safe and look forward to meeting in person when the situation allows.

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